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Refund Policy

General refund policy to our clients across the world.

Refund Policy

1.) Due to the nature of the services, Webcreaters does not guarantee any refunds upon cancellation. In case of monthly payment, it is understood that payment for next month is released only after reviewing the current month’s performance. Webcreaters does not make any guarantees on the basis of traffic/rankings etc. and will not be held responsible for any refund claims thereof. We only provide White label Digital Marketing and Web Development service all over the India. If you are not happy with our services you’ll get your refund back according to our above mentioned policies.

2.) If you have additional questions or require more information about our Webcreaters Policy, do not hesitate to contact us through email at

3.) Visitors details are secured with us, as we do keep regular checks on the security of the website, as well as our website is SSL certified.

4.) Webcreaters respects your privacy and is committed to practicing the culture of protecting your identity and personal details. We do not share your information with third party organizations until we have your consent.

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